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Easy Grow Horticultural Film

From the very first moment a plant begins to grow, light quality helps drive every aspect of development and therefore how productive it becomes. Successfully managing the light & environment has become a key aspect of modern crop management.

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Easy Grow Horticultural Film: Getting Light Right

From the very first moment a plant begins to grow, light quality helps drive every aspect of development and therefore how productive it becomes. Successfully managing the light & environment has become a key aspect of modern crop management.
Horticultural film technology has come a long way in the
past 10 years and Easy Grow has been at the forefront – from pioneering diffusing and temperature control films to the development of products that manage growth by better understanding how crops ‘see’ and respond to red and far red light. Now, after ten years of development and product testing, Easy Grow is proud to introduce a new generation of horticulture film technology: Easy Grow horticultural Clear and Easy Grow horticultural Diffused. Working with the world’s foremost experts at the University of Cambridge & CERN Institute in understanding how global economically important crops, insect pests, disease pathogens and chemical pesticides respond to ultraviolet (UV) light we have developed the Easy Grow horticultural film range that help growers create an optimum growing environment by actively managing light transmission, diffusion and temperature.
 Horticultural Film
The Easy Grow horticultural film range benefits from the ongoing input of Easy Grows global research partners, working at different latitudes and in various climates around the world – from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean basin and the north and south Americas. Benefits you can expect from Easy Grow horticultural film include:

Extending Seasons.

Our work with both our research and development partners suggest that, for a range of high-value fruiting crops, Easy Grow horticultural film brings the time to first pick forward and also extends picking at the end of the season.

Hardier Crops.

From young lettuce seedlings, through grafted vegetable plants and mature fruiting crops, Easy Grow horticultural film has been shown to effectively improve the hardiness of a wide range of commercial crops. From thicker, stronger leaves to improved root: shoot ratios and much higher tolerances to transplant shock, crops grown under Easy Grow horticultural film are stronger by far.
Horticultural Sheeting Benefits

Unrivalled Crop Quality.

Easy Grow horticultural film actively manages the types of light entering the greenhouse to ensure maximum leaf, flower and fruit colouration coupled with the potential for improving taste, health related anthocyanin content and potential improvements in shelf-life.

Improved Control of Economically Important Pests & Diseases.

The control of economically important insect pests and diseases has traditionally been accomplished by the use of chemical pesticides or biocontrol methods. However, we’ve been working hard with Cambridge University to offer a third way and utilise light as a means of helping growers to better manage any pest problems that may arise. Our joint research has helped us better understand the role of certain types of light in making the world’s major protected crops ‘hardier’ and therefore more resistant to both insect attack and disease infection. Therefore when designing Easy Grow horticultural films light transmission properties we ensured that those precise, beneficial wavelengths of light are transmitted into the greenhouse.

Temperature Control.

Easy Grow horticultural film is manufactured in both Clear and Diffused formats. In addition to its ability to actively manage UV light, this new generation film range also encompasses beneficial temperature control attributes. In particular, Easy Grow horticultural Diffused was developed using a formulation based on the most effective diffusing film on the market with both day and night temperature control built in.

Anti-Fog Properties.

Easy Grow horticultural film offers built-in anti-condensation properties which help reduce the risk of fungal diseases such as downy mildew and botrytis cinerara. Thanks to its unique blend, Easy Grow horticultural’s anti-fog characteristics help to control the condensation of water on the film surface. Providing the film is installed correctly, water will condense uniformly across it rather than as droplets. The risk of water falling on to the crop below is therefore reduced which is turn prevents the loss of light caused by droplets.
Horticultural Sheeting Benefits 2

Pesticide Management.

At Easy Grow we are always looking ahead and trying to understand the pressures the global horticulture industry will face in the coming years so we can offer timely solutions to our customers. Pesticide residues are a significant commercial problem for farmers, growers and retailers alike, since even when below the maximum permissible levels, there are consumer concerns due to perceived threats to health. The effects of pesticides on non-target organisms also causes wider environmental concerns particularly given recent evidence linking a particular class of pesticide to bee decline.
We identified this problem some years ago and so already have in place a unique research program, to offer a third way and use light as a means of helping growers to better manage any pest problems that may arise. We aim to understand how different types of horticultural plastics affect the breakdown rates of commercial pesticides. We hope in the future to be able to offer a unique service to our customers whereby we can help predict the speed of breakdown under all films types, at all latitudes and at all times of the year.

Advanced Research.

At Easy Grow we invest heavily and have long been market leaders in developing commercially driven plant science and additive chemistry. Our ongoing research programs help us to both better understand how we can manage light for improved crop yield and quality and ensures we continuously turn that knowledge into industry leading horticultural films. We therefore work hand-in-hand with some of the world’s most experienced and innovative scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK & the CERN institute in Switzerland. Of course, research is only one aspect of bringing innovative new products to market. Our rigorous development process includes thoroughly testing our new products on first-class farms around the world. That way we can be absolutely confident that they will deliver all the commercial benefits we, and you as horticulture professionals, expect of them.
Easy Grow Horticultural Sheeting Information

Cutting-Edge Technology.

Easy Grows extensive manufacturing experience and technical expertise has enabled it to maintain its technological advantage in intelligent horticultural film production for over a decade. Key to its success is the programme of continual investment in the latest manufacturing technology.

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Lumisol Clear 200mu x 7.5mtr x 30mtr, Lumisol Clear 200mu x 10mtr x 30mtr, Lumisol Diffused 200mu x 10mtr x 30mtr


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