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An Interview with ONA

­­The Story of ONA How did the company get started? Did it evolve out of something else, or has combating odour always been the company focus? The founder of the company, Shane Lander, was a Vancouver fire fighter who specialised in hazardous materials such as...

Biogenic Silica

Silicon – the Beneficial Element Silicon tops the list of “beneficial elements” most often used by gardeners.  Silicon is not an “essential element”.  In other words, silica is not required for the normal growth and development of most plants, and it is not one...

ONA Product Change Notification

New 1 Litre ONA Container Design Please be advised that Odorchem Manufacturing Corp. has changed the “container” for their ONA 1 litre (1 quart) Gel products.  This will affect all scents available in this container (PRO, Polar Crystal, Fresh Linen and Apple...

ONA: Beware of Imitations

ONA Odour Neutraliser – The Original and the Best   We have noticed a concerning trend regarding knock off imitations of the ONA brand, more recently a product has appeared bearing the ONA name and scents. Please beware of these products, they are not...

UK Hydroponic Wholesale

EASY GROW HORTICULTURAL WHOLESALE WELCOME TO THE HOME OF UK HYDROPONIC WHOLESALE UK Hydroponic Wholesale Supplies Easy Grow – UK hydroponic wholesale, providing the highest quality hydroponic grow supplies to UK hydroponic shops and European distributors. We...
Easy Grow Ltd | Hydroponic Wholesale

Easy Grow Ltd | Hydroponic Wholesale
Easy Grow Ltd | Hydroponic Wholesale