ONA Odour Neutraliser is a scientifically developed product that utilises the principles of chemistry to neutralise and eliminate unpleasant odours. The active ingredient in ONA Odour Neutraliser is a proprietary blend of essential oils, plant extracts, and other natural compounds that work together to break down and neutralise odour-causing molecules.

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ONA Odour Neutraliser is a highly versatile product that is specifically designed to eliminate unpleasant odours in a wide range of environments. Whether you are dealing with the smell of smoke, cooking smells, or any other type of unwanted scent, ONA Odour Neutraliser can effectively neutralise the odour and leave your space smelling fresh and clean. This powerful product is available in a variety of forms, including gels, sprays, and liquids, making it easy to use in a variety of settings. Plus, with its long-lasting formula, ONA Odour Neutraliser can provide ongoing odour control for days or even weeks, depending on the specific application.


ONA Odour Neutraliser has designed its product range to be as versatile as possible. Creating products designed to eliminate odours an any circumstance and environment.

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Unlike many other odour-neutralising products, ONA Odour Neutraliser does not mask odours with artificial fragrances, but rather neutralises them, leaving behind a fresh and clean scent. Additionally, ONA Odour Neutraliser does not contain harmful chemicals or ozone-depleting substances, making it safe for use in any environment.

When sprayed or applied, the active ingredients in ONA Odour Neutraliser bind with the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause unpleasant odours, altering their molecular structure and rendering them odorless. This process is known as chemical neutralization and is an effective way to eliminate odours at their source.

ona odour neutraliser absorption


The attraction of the different reactive sites on the ONA odour neutralisers active ingredient molecules will attract and non-permanently bind with the low molecular, high weight compound (VOC) aka odours.

Absorb: To retain wholly, without reflection or transmission, what is taken in.

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All VOC’s and odorous compounds have a solubility factory in ONA odour neutraliser active ingredients. This solubility will allow the VOC compound to solubilise itself in the presence of ONA, relative to the chemistry of the emission, temperature, pH and pressure of the environment.

Adsorb: To collect and hold (gas or vapour) in the surface of the solid.

ona odour neutraliser absorption icon


The Paris Theory* – This involves the permanent bonding of the odourous molecule (VOC) and the ONA active ingredients reactive sites. The mechanism transforms the pollutant in its basic properties. As a result, odour disappears.



Reading the FAQ for ONA Odour Neutraliser can help you use the product more effectively, avoid potential issues, and get tips for optimal use in specific settings or scenarios.


Using the ONA Odour Neutraliser store locator is an easy way to find the nearest retailer or distributor of the product in your area, saving time and effort in searching for it.


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