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An all natural formulation, designed to provide users with increased production of flavonoids like anthocyanins, which improve the colouration of plants, delivering deep, rich hues of purple in capable cultivars without modifying the growing environment. Much like its alternative, Terpinator, it can be used with any nutrient line and will provide the building blocks for terpenoids; improving aromas, potency, and flavour. Unlock the true genetic potential of your plants and see, smell, and feel the difference!

Typically, blue and red pigments in plants are influenced by anthocyanins such as cyanidin. Anthocyanins are a type of plant colour pigment that belong to the larger group of compounds known as flavonoids. The colour of an anthocyanin pigment is generally linked to the cell sap pH; the pigment cyanidin is blue in a high pH solution, violet in neutral solution, and red in more acidic conditions.



In combination with a blue light range of 400-500nm, also known as the action spectra for pigment production, Purpinator increases the production of flavonoids while maintaining a neutral cell sap pH, resulting in the expression of more “purple” in capable cultivars.


IMPROVED COLOUR – Purpinator facilitates the production of anthocyanin compounds and other flavonoids, which improve the expression of phenotypic characteristics such as purple coloration in capable cultivars.

ENHANCE AROMATICS & FLAVOURS – Terpenes and other secondary metabolites are directly responsible for the aromatic and flavour profiles of your plants. It enhances your plants natural terpene profile for improved concentration of terpenes and terpenoids, resulting in improved aroma and flavour in finished product.

MORE POTENCY – The ‘entourage effect’ and the general effect of terpenes on human behaviour has long been studied. With increased capacity and numbers, trichome sites will produce more secondary metabolites and terpenes for a more potent finished product.


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How to Use

PURPINATOR® can be used during the entire life cycle of your plant.
Vegetating phases of growth (Week 1-4): Add 2-5mL per gallon(US) of water.
Early bloom phase of growth (Week 5-9): Add 6-15 mL per gallon(US) of water.
Late bloom phase of growth (Week 10+): Add 20-30mL per gallon(US) of water.
PURPINATOR® won’t burn plants when used as directed, and can be used with any growing media, hydroponic system, and nutrient program. It is also at the correct pH for hydroponic use.

Best Practices

PURPINATOR® can be used during the entire life cycle of your plant and can be fed as frequently as every watering.
For deep water culture systems: change reservoir once every 3-5 days.
Maintain aeration within the reservoir when using PURPINATOR®.
Safe for use in all fertiliser injectors
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
All measurements are per US gallon of water
DO NOT use as a foliar spray.
PURPINATOR® is at maximum concentration – if crystallisation occurs, shake or agitate well before use.

Purpinator Logo Product Header

Purpinator is a specialty nutrient additive created with cultivators in mind. The unique formulation includes a variety of inputs designed to provide users with increased production of flavonoids like anthocyanins, which improve coloration of the plant to deliver deep, rich hues of purple in capable cultivars. Purpinator’s all natural formulation enhances your plant’s “purple” colour without inducing stress or modifying the growing environment, making it a unique and powerful tool for any cultivator who wants to get the most out of their plants. Alongside the benefits of enriched coloration provided by Purpinator comes an increase in the production of terpenes and secondary metabolites thanks to the incorporation of technology pioneered by its predecessor, Terpinator, that has been engineered to be a part of the all-natural Purpinator formula. The combination of these three improvements offers users a unique additive that can drastically improve desirable characteristics in high value crops. After years of rigorous testing and development alongside professionals and large scale operations, this revolutionary nutrient additive is now available to cultivators.






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