The original FoilShield black/silver reflective sheeting.

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FoilShield Product Description

FoilShield is a black and silver reflective polypropylene sheet. Used to cover walls and ceilings.

Originally produced in CANADA for the hydroponics industry


FoilShield Sizes Available

Wholesale: 100mtr x 1.2mtr

Handy Pack: 30mtr x 1.2mtr

Retail: 10mtr x 1.2mtr


Additional information


100mtr x 1.2mtr, 30mtr x 1.2mtr, 10mtr x 1.2mtr, 5mtr x 1.2mt

Product Specifications

Size Weight Pallet Size
1.2mtr x 100mtr x 120mu 14.2Kg 36
1.2mtr x 30mtr x 120mu 4.26Kg N/A
1.2mtr x 10mtr x 120mu 1.42Kg N/A
1.2mtr x 5mtr x 120mu 0.71Kg N/A


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