guano diffusion product rangeGuano-Diffusion is a French company specialising in the manufacture of premium quality organic fertilisers for high yields. Bat guano is their flagship product, which make part of a full and complete powdered organic range.
In combining accuracy with quality of the raw materials and their expertise, they have created a complete and organic growing program.

Just mix their 4 organic powders in a light mix or coco mix and get the maximum from your plants.


Since 2012, Guano-Diffusion has been committed to combining crop taste, yield and ecolology.

Using high-end organic fertilisers; bat guano (grow and bloom bat guanos), mycorrhizal fungus and seaweed powder, they help you to work with high efficiency, and in a natural way.

Guano-Diffusion offers a comprehensive range that meets the nutritional needs for each stage of your crops. Each of their products has a specific job which is easy to identify and to use.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, in pot or in full-soil growth, and for all type of plants.
And of course, all their fertilisers are suitable for organic growing (EC 837/2007).

Guanodiff lets you grow organic in simplicity and efficiency. You only need to respect the recommended dosages,and take care to mix fertilisers with a non-enriched soil/coco.
Their range is uniform in its application : only powder to be mixed in during the transplantation. From the germination to the harvest, only 4 products and only plain water irrigation, without any deficiency. Free of mineral additives guaranteed.
Guano Diffusion Product Line

  • ALGUAMYCOR® For a root network up to 7 times more effective
  • GUANODIFF CLASSIC’S For a sustained, strong and complete growth
  • GUANODIFF BLOOM For an exuberant flowering and sublimated aromas
  • LOMBRICOMPOST For an optimized assimilation and an enhanced protection


Organic Fertilisers

Guano-Diffusion offers a range of exclusive organic fertilisers like bat guanos, seaweed powder and vermicompost. Organic fertilizers have two major advantages:
• They provide sustained nutrients that will be absorbed by progressive mineralisation, thus avoiding burns to the plant and soil leaching. Even more, your soil will improve in both its structure and its nutritional properties.
• Organic fertilisers such as bat guano enrich the soil with organic matter, like an enrichment product (green fertilisers, compost, manure …) The main natural organic fertilisers are the ground horn, dried blood, castor meal, seaweed and most comprehensive by far remains the bat guano, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and trace elements. Organic fertilisers do not all decompose at the same rate. The bat guano is particularly suitable for intensive plants on short cycles (3 months). Indeed, it is gradually decomposed over 10 weeks, a while beginning to release its nutrients from the first watering.

Inorganic fertilisers

Inorganic fertilisers are substances of mineral origin, obtained with the help of the chemical industry, or in the best case by exploiting natural deposits. They offer total availability and instant mineral nutrients to the plant. They have major drawbacks:
• Risk of burns at the slightest overdose
• Involves imperative “flushing” of the plant before eating flowers/fruits
• Does not require “effort” for assimilation to the plant, which therefore becomes passive and less resistant to changes and diseases.
• Used outside, they contribute to soil leaching

What is a slow release fertiliser

These are fertilisers whose action is slow and prolonged. They should be incorporated into the top 5 cm of soil. Our bat guano has the distinction of being used both as a slow release fertiliser, and as an “instant” fertiliser because it undergoes a pre-mineralisation for several decades. In other words, some of the nutrients will be immediately absorbed by the plant from the first watering. Agricultural science clearly distinguishes the effectiveness between organic fertilisers and inorganic fertilisers when used as slow release fertiliser. They favour the use of organic fertiliser such as slow release manure in that it creates humus, and that it optimises microbial soil development.

Why use vermicompost

Applying nutrients is not sufficient to obtain good yields; soil also plays a key role in making possible the absorption of nutrients by plants. Microbial activity is a direct factor in the absorption of nutrients. Probably the richest soil enrichment in terms of microbial flora is the vermicompost (worm compost), 1000 times richer in microbial flora than horse manure, and 10 times more concentrated in nutrients. By using organic fertilisers, you feed the soil which in turn feeds the plant. The plant is indirectly well nourished and supported by the intervention of a living microbial flora that transforms the organic fertilisers into equivalent mineral ions. To sum it up: the yields of your plant depend directly on the quality of the microbial flora in your land.
guano diffusion product range