Increase yields with GP AutoPot. Supply your plants with the plant nutrients that they need & discover Dual Fuel with Easy Grow. The 2 Part Autopot Dual Fuel Feed Program is formulated to deliver amazing results in AutoPot Watering Systems.

For us at GreenPlanet Nutrients, we’ve always had a focus on innovation, simplifying gardening for growers, and pursuing partnerships with others who share these values with us. That is why we have worked with the AutoPot Team on a brand new Dual Fuel Nutrient Feed Program and Nutrient Starter Kit designed specifically for their watering systems. For new and experienced cultivators alike, dealing with mixing, pH balancing and complicated feeding schedules can often be a hassle. Additionally, in some cases, misuse of liquid nutrients can lead to the detriment of a garden in both yield and quality of the product. 

Our hyper-concentrated and pH-balanced Dual Fuel formula has been easing the workload in gardens for years. Since its release in 2016, it has made the perfect match for growers already enjoying the benefits of AutoPot’s simple gravity-fed systems. With a watering system that can produce indoor and greenhouse crops with ease, there is now a GreenPlanet Nutrients Feed Program to match.

I would strongly recommend the GreenPlanet Dual Fuel with any of the AutoPot range because it’s very, very clean. Ben at the farm, where we hold the AutoPot Summer Social, used it last year as well and sang its praises so I thought I’d give it a try as well…really nice nutrient, recommend it.

Jason Ralph-Smith

Managing Director, AutoPot Global

Dual Fuel for Beginners

Dealing with liquid fertilser for the first time is a challenge, especially when the stack of nutrients involves complicated ratios and constant pH balancing. From experience, we get how frustrating and time consuming it can be for growers. With that in mind, we designed our innovative 2 Part system to change the game forever. Dual Fuel, plain and simple, is easy to use. Whether or not you are a beginner or an expert, all you need for a successful garden is two bottles: Dual Fuel 1 & 2. Dual Fuel was designed to balance perfectly in the water at a range of 6.0 – 6.2. Although checking the pH of your nutrient solution is a good habit, it is in no way required to ensure the efficacy of your daily feeding schedule. With this attribute, our Dual Fuel feed program can save you time in your daily gardening routine and also keep your plants happy and ensure optimum nutrient uptake with an effortlessly ideal pH.
Even more attractive to beginners is the unmatched utility of the Dual Fuel feed program. In a sense, it’s foolproof.  Our Dual Fuel feed program was formulated to be used in a 1:1 ratio with each part. So, no matter how much nutrient needs to be mixed, the ratio of Dual Fuel 1 to 2 will remain constant. This again saves the gardener time and headache, as feeding schedules are no longer required if you are only using Dual Fuel 1 & 2.

Here’s a tip: If you’re at all worried you’ve been using Dual Fuel incorrectly, check to see if both bottles have the same amount of nutrient left. If both bottles have equal amounts, you’re using the product correctly. In the case you’re over or under a few drops, don’t worry, this will not harm your plants. That’s the thing about Dual Fuel: don’t overthink – just grow!

Dual Fuel for Experts

If you’ve been gardening through the years, its safe to say you tried your fair share of liquid nutrient programs, and, that you’ve upgraded beyond a few plants to cultivate. Well, its time to stop searching for the perfect nutrient stack and settle on the second to none 2 Part program. Just as Dual Fuel has its advantages for beginners to the industry, these attributes are multiplied when its aggressive formula is applied to large scale operations. This saves its cultivators in training, labour, and the upfront costs of liquid fertiliser.
If you own or manage a medium to large size garden, you’re not doing it alone! There are many hands involved in producing a quality-driven, high yielding product. The overseer of a garden is responsible for many things, one of which is instructing the staff on the process of mixing and balancing liquid nutrients and water. This can often be a taxing process, filled with trial and error, multiple learning curves, upsetting crops and poor delivery on a high-quality product. However, with the Dual Fuel program in the mix, these worries are thrown to the wayside. This is because as the pH stability and seamless mixing patterns of this product evidently attempt to flatten the learning curve of any potential master grower. In turn, these attributes will arguably speed up production time, and lead to a cleaner, happier garden.
Furthermore, Dual Fuel 1 & 2 are hyper-concentrated, with the average application (depending on plant age, size and stage) coming in at 1.0 – 2.0 ml per litre. With its marginally low upfront cost, this program is a dream for large scale operators looking to save on liquid nutrient. Unlike indoor gardening hardware, like lighting equipment, ventilation gear and other environmental controls, fertiliser is something that is always being purchased. Dual Fuel is a program that attempts to shorten the periods between these costly trips to your local garden supply store. It’s hyper-concentration and easy mixing habits lead to less waste and more value per litre than any competitor on the market.

When growing in a gardening system designed specially to simplify the lives of cultivators, it only makes sense to use the easiest and most cost-effect nutrient program on the market as your source of plant nutrition. With our GP AutoPot Dual Fuel Feed Program and 2 Part AutoPot Dual Fuel Starter Kit, growing with an AutoPot Watering System just got that much easier.

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