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nordic rooter root stimulator

Nordic Rooter


Nordic Rooter is a potent plant biostimulant, designed and developed in the UK by Taproot Dynamics Ltd in collaboration with FACTS qualified advisors, biological science graduates and veteran British cultivators.

Compatible with any brand of fertiliser product.

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Molasses serve to provide a high dose of the essentials - calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and sulphur, alongside a whole host of bioavailable micronutrients. A rapid source of energy for plants.


Norwegian kelp promotes rooting, helps counter any nutrient deficiencies and introduces multiple natural plant hormones such as Cytokinin, that influence growth and the stimulation of cell division.


Humic & Fulvic acids are biological chelation agents, increasing nutrient uptake through chelation, giving plants access to previously unavailable nutrients and minerals.

nordic rooter root stimulator


Nordic Rooter triggers the rapid proliferation and elongation of healthy white roots, encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms within the rhizosphere and enhances EC tolerance.


Nordic Rooter is highly concentrated. A single 250ml bottle can be diluted at up to a 1:2000 ratio, making 500 litres of mix at a cost basis of just £0.04 per litre, saving money and reducing costs per cycle.


There's no need to make changes to your normal schedule of nutrients. Nordic Rooter is an additive, best used alongside your normal base nutrient regime. Keeping things plain, simple and easy.

nordic rooter root stimulator
nordic rooter root stimulator


Packed full of 14 vitamins, 16 amino acids and 46 minerals, alongside Norwegian kelp extract, plant sugars and humic & fulvic acid. Nordic Rooter is an absolute powerhouse that delivers everything your plants need to experience explosive root growth and a thriving rhizosphere.


Can I use Nordic Rooter with my setup?

In the overwhelming majority of common grow systems, Yes! Nordic Rooter is very versatile! Nordic Rooter is at its absolute best in soil, where it feeds all of the beneficial microorganisms found there, but also performs magnificently in all hydroponic systems that work in a drain-to-waste style, using any type of hydroponic medium, like coco coir, peat, clay, rockwool etc.

Caution should be taken when using any molasses based products with deep water culture or recirculating hydroponic systems, like flood and drain (ebb and flow), aeroponics, nutrient film techniques (NFT) etc, just like molasses feed microorganisms in your root zone, it will also feed microorganisms in your tanks, which can cause issues if temperature and light are not managed correctly. These methods are only recommended for very experienced growers.

Can I use Nordic Rooter in my organic garden?

Yes! Nordic Rooter contains absolutely no synthetic ingredients! All natural, all the time. No salts, no PGRs. Just how mother nature intended.

Can I use Nordic Rooter with any of the other brands of nutrients and additives that I am already using in my garden?

Yes! Nordic Rooter is designed for exactly that! Stick with what you know and what works for you, Nordic Rooter is just added into your current regime as an additive.

My bottle of Nordic Rooter has a pungent smell, is this normal?

Yes! as Nordic Rooter is fully organic and made using all natural ingredients, it can develop a somewhat unpleasant smell. This is totally normal and your plants love it. (Some say the smellier the better when it comes to root stims!)


Use at a rate of 1ml per litre of water throughout the entire vegetative phase from cutting or seedling. Use at a rate of 0.5ml per litre of water throughout the flowering phase, stopping use before the final week to allow for a flush.

Shake well before use. Keep away from children. Store at room temperature. Use plug provided to keep fresh. Made in the UK.


To see all downloads and resources for Nordic Rooter, you can find them in our downloads section! Free to use by anyone and everyone.


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