plug life horticulture propagation trays

Plug Life Propagator’s Paradise Bundle


The ultimate kit for all your plant propagation needs. This comprehensive bundle includes a high-quality propagation tray and six 12-cell Plug Life Coco trays, providing the perfect environment for your seeds and cuttings to thrive.

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Designed for durability and optimal moisture retention, this tray creates a stable foundation for healthy root development.


These six Plug Life Coco trays offer excellent aeration and drainage, ensuring each of your plants has the best start possible. (12 cell trays).

Plug Life Wood Fibre propagation growing tray contains 104 wood fibre seedplugs. A horticultural growing tray improves plant drainage

Transform your gardening journey with the Propagator Paradise Bundle, an essential kit designed for both novice and experienced gardeners. This bundle includes a robust Propagation tray and six 12-cell Plug Life coco trays, meticulously crafted to foster optimal growth conditions for your seeds and cuttings. The propagation tray offers exceptional durability and moisture retention, creating a stable and nurturing environment for healthy root development. Paired with the Plug Life Coco trays, which provide superior aeration and drainage, your plants will have the perfect start to a thriving life.

The Propagator Paradise Bundle takes the guesswork out of propagation, allowing you to focus on what you love—growing beautiful, vibrant plants. Each of the 12-cell Plug Life Coco trays is designed to maximise space efficiency while ensuring each plant has the room it needs to develop strong roots.


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