Diamond Lightite® Pro

Easy Grow Lightite® Foil is the Original and the best. Never bettered only poorly copied. Diamond Lightite® Pro foils are 100% light proof and reflect both light and heat thermals to assist with controlled heat loss. They are extremely durable and can be easily cleaned.

Diamond Lightite® Pro


Diamond Lightite® has a raised diamond diffused pattern to spread light more evenly over the canopy of the plant allowing the light to be situated closer to your plants and also providing maximum reflection of light lumens whilst significantly reducing energy costs. A five layered material ensures 100% Lightite® creates a true blackout, stopping the escape of light and heat energy. With a PET coated membrane to dramatically increase strength and reduce creasing effect.

CAUTION: Easy Grow Lightite® & Eco Foils, contain layers of pure aluminium, which will therefore block or severally inhibit, mobile phone, radio & wireless broadband signals, from areas or objects which covered/coated with these products.

Diffuse your gardens light supply
Incredibly strong to stop tearing
Washable and safe to use. Food safe.
Increases yield and thermal reflection
Helps to stop mould & algae growth

Lightite is a range of horticultural sheeting and foils designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Our professional reflective foils & sheeting reflect both light and heat thermals, to assist with controlled heat loss. Yield increasing, thermal reflecting, stimulates vigorous growth, helps stop mould and algae growth. Be aware of cheap imitations, look for the Easy Grow logo every 1ft/1mtr on our Lightite® products for proof of assurance and quality.

Using Diamond diffusion foil to diffuse your gardens light supply gives better all round plant growth, reflecting thermal heat resulting in bigger yields, reducing your energy costs. The foil also helps stop mould and algae growth, stimulating vigorous growth.

These 5 layered grow sheets are incredibly strong to stop tearing and are easy to handle and great to work with. The foil is also washable and safe to use 5% bleach solution.


1.2m x 100m x 200mu
Pallet Qty: EAN: SKU:
36 5060502822031 MPS/LP/DF/1.2/100
1.2m x 30m x 200mu
Pallet Qty: EAN: SKU:
50 5060502822048 MPS/LP/DF/1.2/30
1.2m x 10m x 200mu
Pallet Qty: EAN: SKU:
100 5060502822055 MPS/LP/DF/1.2/10
1.2m x 5m x 200mu
Pallet Qty: EAN: SKU:
200 5060502822062 MPS/LP/DF/1.2/5


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