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Soil Boxes

A great solution for organising and storing your soil and compost bags with ease and sustainability in mind. Each box fits 2 x 50L compost bags in.

One size: 600mm x 400mm x 300mm

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Crafted from high-quality, durable cardboard material, our Soil Box is designed to withstand the rigors of storing soil and compost bags while ensuring they remain intact and protected from moisture, pests, and environmental factors.

Generous Capacity: With ample space, our storage box accommodates various sizes of soil and compost bags, providing a convenient storage solution for gardening enthusiasts of all levels.

Easy Assembly: Designed for hassle-free setup, our Soil Box can be easily assembled without the need for tools or complicated instructions, allowing you to get organized in no time.

Stackable Design: Maximise your storage space with the stackable design of our Soil Box, allowing you to efficiently organise multiple boxes and optimise your gardening area.

Clear Labelling: Featuring a blank surface, you can easily label the contents of each box for quick identification and hassle-free access to your gardening essentials.

Each box fits 2 x 50L compost bags in.

One size: 600mm x 400mm x 300mm


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