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Introducing Biotabs Organic at Easy Grow

Join us in welcoming BioTabs to Easy Grow product range. BioTabs is an innovative Dutch research company & producer of organic fertilisers & soil conditioners. BioTabs are growers with more than 35 years of experience in plant cultivation. BioTabs produces organic fertilisers & organic plant food, using the force of organic soil improving organisms.

You can now shop BioTabs Organic at Easy Grow

We are pleased to announce that Biotabs Organic fertilisers & soil conditioners are now available to purchase via the official Easy Grow Website. Simply head to – product category – nutrients – Biotabs! Help your plants to produce organic fertilisers & organic plant food today by using the force of organic soil improving organisms.

Our friendly sales team are available Monday till Friday to help you with any enquiries that you may have and further help you choose the right product that you wish to order. If you would prefer to send an email, the contact details for our dedicated sales team are as listed below.

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