If you want to grow healthy plants, make sure your plants get plenty of potassium. Next to nitrogen, plants need more potassium than any other nutrient. In fact, most hydroponic nutrient formulas contain more potassium than nitrogen! Potassium is the “health element”. Although it isn’t part of the physical structure of plant cells, potassium is used by the plant to regulate plant growth at every stage of development. Potassium regulates water uptake, improves root growth, strengthens stems and leaves, and improves the quality of fruit and flowers. It is also critical for photosynthesis and energy production, and it activates more than 60 enzymes in the plant. So if you want to grow sweeter fruits and vegetables, loaded with vitamins and minerals, potassium is the key.

potassium plant health plant life nutrients healthy plants disease resistant environmental stress

Potassium also regulates the plant’s efficient use of water and can help protect the plant against environmental stress. If there is plenty of potassium and other solutes in root cells, water is drawn into the roots for uptake by the plant. Potassium also regulates the opening and closing of stomata in the leaf cells. Stomata are the pores in the leaves that take in carbon dioxide from the air and release water vapor and oxygen. When adequate water and light are available, potassium is pumped into the guard cells of the stomata. The potassium draws water into the guard cells, causing them to swell and open. But if there is a water shortage, potassium is pumped out of the guard cells and the stomata close, helping the plant conserve water. With adequate potassium the opening/closing response is very fast, taking just a few minutes. But with inadequate potassium, the response is sluggish, often taking hours! The plants begin to suffer from water stress, and photosynthesis begins to shut down. Even if the symptoms of potassium deficiency are not obvious, the plants may suffer from “hidden hunger”, reducing overall quality and yield.

Potassium also helps improve the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stress and many common plant diseases. Potassium activates the enzymes that produce proteins and starches. So potassium helps plants develop thicker cell walls, providing a physical barrier to fungal infection. Unlike elements such as calcium and silicon that physically strengthen cell walls, potassium regulates the flow of water and nutrients into the cells, keeping the plant cells biologically active and turgid. Without adequate potassium, water is lost from the cells and the plant cells weaken and start to wilt. Potassium-deficient plants develop thinner cell walls with lower levels of stored protein and starch, and they become an easy meal for sucking insects and an easy target for invasion by fungal spores.

potassium tomato plant growth plant health plant life nutrients healthy plants disease resistant environmental stress

Healthy plants are disease-resistant plants. Predators attack the weak. If even one element is deficient, the plant’s natural defense system starts to come down, actually attracting insects! Potassium interacts with other plant nutrients, some of which are also important plant protection agents. For example, potassium has been shown to improve the uptake of such micronutrients as copper, manganese and especially zinc. Zinc is necessary to produce a steady supply of important growth hormones, and a copper/zinc complex activates enzymes that help protect the plant against oxidative stress. So keep your potassium in balance with clean, water-soluble potassium supplements, and enjoy the many benefits of the health element, today!

To keep your plants healthy and powered, why not try RAW Potassium containing 50% Water Soluble Potash derived from potassium sulphate. This is the highest concentration of natural water soluble potassium available to the home gardener.

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