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X-Cel Booster


Bionova X- cel is a 100% certified organic/vegan stimulator. It contains the following main ingredients: Various vitamins, natural growing and flowering stimulators, amino acids. bacteria’s, trace elements, enzymes, kelp and humic acids.


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Excellent Growing + Flowering stimulator for XL flowers
Stimulator (100% organic/vegan – Concentration 1:1000 – NPK 1-0-0

Bigger fruits

Bionova X-ceL is the excellent stimulator to develop XL flowers, which can be applied to all sorts of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Bionova X-ceL significantly increases yield quantity and yield quality of all tested crops!


What is Bionova X-ceL

Bionova X- ceL is a 100% certified organic/vegan stimulator. It contains the following main ingredients: Various vitamins, natural growing and flowering stimulators, amino acids, bacteria’s, trace elements, enzymes, kelp and humic acids. The sophisticated combination of components stimulates the bio-chemical functions on all levels. The organic extracts stimulate the metabolism, in particular the photosynthesis, and consequently the forming of carbohydrates. The hormone household of the crop is actively stimulated by the combination of amino acids which are inside the Bionova X-ceL.

Bionova X-ceL actively takes part in the growing and flowering process from the first day of planting the crop, the roots strike more quickly which virtually rules out the dropping of leaves. The plant will grow more rapid and vital, while it simultaneously develops a very extensive root system. The potency of flowering is stimulated and eventually leads to a demonstrable increased yield.


Tips from Bionova growers?

To improve the flowers production, resins and terpenes, apply Bionova X-ceL a week before changing the photoperiod to 12h/12h, by perform a leaf treatment with Bionova X-ceL 2.5 ml to 5 ml/10 litres, repeat the treatment two more times, once when changing the photoperiod and once a week after this.

– Bionova X-ceL use every week as foliar feeding with mother plants and rooted clones to ensure a fast recovery after cuttings are taken an healthy development of the clones progenes.


How to use Bionova X-ceL?

Bionova X-ceL is usable from first week of growth until the final week of flowering.
Bionova X-ceL is mixable with all Bionova fertilisers, stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates. Bionova X-ceL can be used as irrigation and as foliar spray.

Available in units
250ml               1 litre              5 litres

Technical specifications

Application in irrigation
Continuously 5-10 ml per 10 litres of water, from first day until the end.

Application as foliar spray
During growth and the first week of flowering, use 0.25 ml to 0.50 ml per litre. Use max 3 times.


Soil – Coco – Vegan – Hydro – Aero

Outdoor – Indoor – Vegetative – Flowering – Irrigation – Spray – Hydro system – Aero system


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