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ONA Air Filter

ONA air filters will provide continuous neutralisation of your ventilations odours until the ONA blocks are exhausted. Once the blocks have been fully consumed the lid can be opened and the blocks replenished.

ONA Air Filter


Allows for the complete and continuous air filtration of your indoor gardens air exhaust. Just attach to your ventilation system, insert the desired number of ONA blocks, and any unwanted odours will be removed from your ducting, quickly effectively and permanently.

Available in a number of different diameters to cater for your hydroponics set up: 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 inch ducts.



Retail packaged with graphical instructions for use
Air Filters for ventilation odour control
Metal lid with rubber seal to ensure air tight
Desired blocks inserted into mesh work metal tube within ducting
Air blows through the filter & any odours will be removed


The Air filter is simple and easy to use, for best results use with ONA Blocks.

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ONA – Odour Neutraliser – Remove Odours Safely, Naturally & Permanently

ONA Odour Neutraliser has been destroying odours effectively for many years and is used in commercial applications worldwide. ONA was originally developed for use in industrial applications to neutralise strong odours in sewage treatment plants, rendering plants and chemical plants. It uses three processes: absorption, adsorption and the “Pairs” Theory to virtually cancel out most organic and non-organic odours.

ONA’s formulation is designed to attack any type of odour, regardless of type or source. Because it is a wide spectrum formulation, it will neutralise virtually every non-organic and organic odour, and leave only a clean, fresh scent.



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