ONA Spray Card is a natural room fragrance that provides quick and easy odour removal on the go as it works to neutralise smoke smells

ONA Card Sprayer


The ONA Spray Card is a pocket size, natural room fragrance that supplies you with quick and easy odour elimination. This 12ml, pet safe odour remover is perfect to use on the go so that you can neutralise smoke smells and additional odours as and when you require.


ONA Spray Card – Portable Odour Neutralisation

The ONA Spray Card is a portable natural room fragrance small that easily fits into pockets or purses. Take it with you to use anytime unwanted odours suddenly pop-up. It is ideal for those wanting to neutralise smoke smells and pet odours on the go. Whether these smells are present in your home or vehicle, this mini spray card is guaranteed to supply you with quick and easy odour elimination. Simply spray into the air as needed. ONA’s proprietary essential oil formula will neutralise odours naturally and safely. Guaranteed! Ideal for commuters and people on the go.

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