ONA Odour Neutraliser – The Original and the Best

We have noticed a concerning trend regarding knock off imitations of the ONA brand, more recently a product has appeared bearing the ONA name and scents. Please beware of these products, they are not manufactured by Odor Chem, and as a result do not have the same incredible odour neutralisation properties.


You are advised to check the labelling of the ONA product carefully to ensure it’s genuineness. Other brands appearing on the market claim to have the same properties as the ONA brand, such as non toxicity, however they also go on to state you may suffer allergic reactions when coming into contact with the products. The brightly coloured imitations also indicates that they are not organically derived like ONA. ONA is safe to use around people pets and plants and is completely non toxic and environmentally friendly.
Look on the label for the indication of the import and distribution by Mariner Industries Ltd. 

Knock off products Imitate Products with Real Value

ONA is the original and the best hydroponics odour neutraliser on the market. It is a true odour neutraliser unlike other brand appearing which are merely masking agents. The founder of ONA, was a Vancouver fire fighter who specialised in hazardous materials such as radiation, explosives, drug labs, and toxic chemicals when he initially became interested in finding a safe and natural method for eliminating the nasty odour’s these chemicals left behind after a major fire.
He knew that the chemicals most commonly being used at that time to mask, reduce, or eliminate odour emissions, had toxic properties that presented health risks to those people who used them. After extensive research, he learned about the odour neutralising capabilities of essential oils which appeared very promising. Soon afterwards he formed both a personal and business relationship with a chemist who had 25 years of applied scientific research into this technology.
They worked closely together and later perfected the special formula which is now a trade secret. Most importantly, it was strong enough to use in industrial applications, yet safe to use around people, pets and plants.
This was the birth of ONA. In the early years the company was focussed solely on industrial applications such as sewage treatment plants, mining, food rendering plants and the janitorial/sanitation markets. Now the product is used in a wide range of markets from the pet industry, boating industry, horticultural industry and in pubs & clubs.


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