Temperature Controlled

Exhale CO2 bags are now stored in an optimal temperature controlled environment. The cooler storage rapidly reduces the rate of growth of the mycelium, preventing the full colonisation whilst in storage and saving the precious CO2 production for when it is needed most, after purchase from your Grow Store. The optimal temperature slows down the rate of reproduction whilst in storage and then once exposed to warmer temperatures kicks back in when sent from our warehouse. This maintains the freshness of the CO2 bag and guarantees 6 months of CO2 from the date of purchase. The colonisation over time can be seen in the time lapse video below.


Improved Performance

As shown in the graph to the right, the exhale bag significantly outperforms competitor products. Now with further improvements including temperature controlled storage, and with all bags containing a free hanger, the exhale bag offers an increase not just in the lifespan of the product but also in the levels of CO2 produced throughout that lifespan.

Free Hanger

Our Exhale CO2 bags now come with a free Exhale patented hanger, making it easier to maximise the efficiency of your bag with perfect placement. What’s more the hangers come attached below the Exhale one way breather patch ensuring that there is no migration of mycelium through the filter. When the Exhale CO2 bag is ready to use simply move the hanger above the breather patch as demonstrated in the video below.




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Easy Grow Ltd | Hydroponic Wholesale