Q-Where did you come from? Where is the company based?
A-We are a Surrey, British Columbia, Canada based company that has been around the industry for 15 years.  We have extensive knowledge and research in the indoor gardening market and have been market leaders for many years.
Q-How long have Green Planet Nutrients been in the American  market?
A-Green Planet Nutrients have been sold into the United States for at least 10 years mostly to the finest growers who want the best quality. Our Massive Bloom Formulation enjoys a cult like following.
Q-Why did we create the Green Planet Nutrient range?
A-Green Planet created the nutrient range because we come from a retail background and we understand what a grower needs.  The grower needs a product or products that produce great quality and quantity but that are also easy to use and affordable.  Often competitors make expensive but lousy nutrients that are difficult to use and give disappointing results.  We make the best nutrients at the best prices.
Q-There are so many nutrient brands on the market why should somebody use Green Planet Nutrients?
A-As mentioned before we come from a retail background and we understand the grower.  Often companies make confusing products and they make ridiculous claims that they can’t produce.  Green Planet Nutrients makes products that really work, growers can actually see and feel the difference.  Growers who use Green Planet Nutrients often get a higher price because their plants are higher quality. We make sure that our products are only made with the finest raw materials and we won’t compromise or sacrifice our quality to save a few dollars.  We only make the very best.
Q-Is Green Planet Nutrients the best on the market?  What is the difference?
A-Green Planet Nutrients is definitely the best nutrient range on the market for many reasons:

  • Finest raw materials
  • We do our own scientific extractions
  • Very low preservative
  • No dyes or food colouring
  • Black bottles so there is no light degradation
  • No salt build up
  • Burns very white because we don’t use cheap raw materials
  • Very affordable
  • Every product has a purpose
  • No false advertising
  • We have won awards as the best medical nutrient as well as the best nutrient in Europe.
  • No sacrifices in quality
  • Easy to use

Q-Can Green Planet Nutrients be used in all systems?
A-Not all Green Planet nutrients are suitable for every system.  We make Medi-One which is an organic one part nutrient made primarily for soil gardens and isn’t really for hydroponics.  Medi-One can be used for any run to waste system including soil/coco/peat/perlite etc…All of the other Green Planet Nutrients can be used in both recirculating and run to waste systems therefor they are suitable for soil and hydroponics.
Q-You proudly claim your Medi-One to be the best 100% organic 1 part nutrient on the market, Why?
A-Medi-One is the best 1 part organic nutrient on the market without a doubt.  We have the awards to prove it.  Dr. Hornby has performed extensive tissue analysis proving beyond a shadow of a doubt our nutrient performs the best compared to inferior other ones.
Medi-One is such an easy nutrient to use as it is only one part so there is no need to switch parts or mix different ratios.  Just adjust the pH and off you go and it can be used in both vegetative and flowering stages making it the simplest. When we decided to formulate Medi-One it was with the medical grower in mind, we needed something simple and easy to use but still being a really good nutrient.
Medi-One is complete in all major and minor nutrients and grows fantastic quality but to increase the yield adding Massive and Finisher will definitely help.
Q-Why does your Zyme come in capsules?  All the other enzymes products come in liquid?
A-We used to have a liquid Zyme but we couldn’t put everything we wanted to in the bottle, we wanted our formulation to be the strongest and most effective and to do that we had to put into a dry formulation inside of a capsule.  By doing this we could tailor our product to contain all 19 enzymes and bio stimulants with an unlimited shelf life and a very economical price.
Most enzyme products only contain 2 or 3 enzymes because they are in a liquid formulation giving them also a limited shelf life.
By making our Zyme in a dry formulation we get a better product and less packaging. Our Zyme capsules are very inexpensive compared to other brands and every grower should be using Green Planet Zyme capsules.
Q-Is the colour or bottle quality important?
A-Yes the colour of the bottle is important, we use black bottles that light cannot penetrate so that we get no light degradation.  Light can over time degrade nutrient compounds and cause them to settle out or become ineffective.
The quality of the bottle is important as well, we want to make sure it doesn’t leach any harmful compounds out into the nutrient.  Green Planet Nutrients goes to great lengths to make sure you have the very best quality nutrient and additives in every bottle.
Q-Is the Eco Root Gel the best for rooting? Is it 100% organic?
A-Eco Root is 100 % organic and doesn’t use any hormones.  Most rooting compounds use IBA as a rooting hormone and it works well but it should only be used on ornamental plants as it is toxic and is not meant for food crops.
Eco Root comes as a dry powder made from 16 different strains of mycorrhizal fungi blended with absorbant crystals that you add dechlorinated water to make a ready to use gel.
Eco Root can be used on any plant as it is completely safe and generates white fluffy roots with lots of fine root hairs unlike any other rooting hormone. Eco Root can generate a dense mat of roots in less than 7 days in a lot of cases giving you the perfect start.
Q-Is BioGold only good for soil?  What happens when we use this product?
A-Bio Gold can be used in Hydroponics but I would say it is best suited for growing in soil. If you do use it in hydroponic system make sure that all of the chlorine has been removed by way of a filter. BioGold is an active living storehouse of beneficial bacteria and fungi designed to colonize the root zone and increasing the ability of the roots to transport nutrients into the plant.
BioGold also helps fight pathogens by keeping the root zone healthy and productive. The bacteria and fungi found in BioGold help break down dead plant material and convert into usuable nutrients.
If you use BioGold you will notice a healthy happy plant utilizing lots of water and nutrients leading to huge yields.
Q-Why is the NPK ratio so low in the Green Planet Nutrient range?  Do you use additives or colourants in your products?
A-While a plant needs plenty of NPK it isn’t necessarily important how much NPK you have but how much can the plant take up. We have spent many years of research to develop balanced NPK ratios ensuring the plant can take up and utilize the nutrients we provide it. Every nutrient is in proper balance.
We don’t believe in adding fillers or dyes or masking agents to our products.  If it doesn’t have a purpose we won’t put it in our product.  We have built our company on integrity and quality, we won’t sacrifice for any reason.
We use only the finest raw materials along with water that has been filtered 5 times and sterilized.  There is a reason why we are the worlds finest nutrients.
Q-What is Karbo Boost?  When do we use it?
A-Karbo Boost is a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates in a dry formulation. Karbo Boost provides a food source for beneficial microbes as well as a direct source easily taken up by the plant.  Supplementing with Karbo Boost allows the plant to produce bigger flowers with more essential oils.
Karbo Boost can be used throughout the life of the plant but mostly during the flowering stage with every feeding.
Q-Is Liquid W-8 a new product?
A-Liquid W-8 has been around for several years now and is a fantastic product.  Liquid W-8 is a liquid carbohydrate additive that has so much more than Karbo Boost.  It contains both simple and complex carbohydrates, triacontanal, enzymes and vitamins that the plant can easily uptake to support heavy flower production but also providing a food source for benefical microbes.  If there was a choice between Liquid W-8 and Karbo Boost, Liquid W-8 would be the choice as it has more to offer. If you want bigger yields then definitely add Liquid W-8.
Liquid W-8 can be used much the same as Karbo Boost being used every feeding.
Q-People here are not used to using foliar sprays, why should I use Brix Plus? It’s organic right?
A-Foliar spraying can deliver a lot of benefits that cannot be achieved solely through the root zone.  The components in Brix plus are very easily absorbed by the plant and can transport carbohydrates, special enzymes and vitamins right to where they are needed most.  Within Brix plus are proven bi


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