New 1 Litre ONA Container Design

Please be advised that Odorchem Manufacturing Corp. has changed the “container” for their ONA 1 litre (1 quart) Gel products.  This will affect all scents available in this container (PRO, Polar Crystal, Fresh Linen and Apple Crumble).  Content weight and pricing is not affected.

They have updated this container to provide a new sleeker design and style that is more current.

As our existing inventory depletes over the next 4 weeks, you will begin to receive our new containers.

Products affected by this change are listed below:
OGL-01LJG-PRO           (6-24493-12204-1)
OGL-01LJG-PC             (6-24493-12201-0)
OGL-01LJG-FL             (6-24493-12202-7)
OGL-01LJG-AC             (6-24493-14137-0)
Containers specifications:
Height:  4″
Diameter:  4 3/8”
Content weight: 30 oz
Case specifications:
Case quantity: 6
Case height: 4 5/8”
Case width: 13 ¾”
Case length: 9 ½”
Case weight: 12 lbs
Odorchem Manufacturing Corp. 


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Easy Grow Ltd | Hydroponic Wholesale