Top 10 Hydroponic Tips to Maximise Your Yields

  1. Maintain a constant temperature and improve climate control with easy grow reflective sheeting.
  2. Ensure proper nutrient mixing and oxygenation of your reservoir by using an air bubbler and air stone.
  3. Maintain pH levels with a Prosystem Aqua automatic pH dosing pump, and avoid essential nutrients being locked out of your plants.
  4. Ensure your dark periods receive no light by using lightite sheeting for a complete black out.
  5. Maximise the availability of light, reduce energy costs and eliminate hot spots using diamond lightite sheeting.
  6. Replace your growing bulbs regularly. Lights lose lumens quickly and can degrade by as much as 30% within a year.
  7. Add CO2 to your grow room the natural way using Exhale CO2 bags and let your plats breathe.
  8. Avoid the degradation of your valuable nutrients by storing in a dark place and avoiding exposure to sunlight. Green Planet nutrients are all stored in black bottles to avoid this happening.
  9. Enhance the biology of your plant using RAW Microbe mycorrhizae powders.
  10. Improve nutrient uptake by using Fulvic and Humic Acids.



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Easy Grow Ltd | Hydroponic Wholesale