Water Soluble Nutrient Powders: The Future of Hydroponic Fertilisation

Water soluble powdered nutrients have been used in commercial growing for years, but now there is a future for hydroponic growers too. The increasing availability of clean, easy to use soluble powders and the increase in knowledge in indoor gardening means it is much more feasible to employ this technique.

Allowing Precise Control Over Plant Nutrition

Technical grade minerals and water soluble organic bio-stimulants allows the grower precise control over plant nutrition and enables custom formulations to be made, allowing targeted treatment of plant deficiencies. With practice gardeners can customise their feeding schedule to meet the exact needs of their plants during all stages of growth and in all environments. 

Stop Buying Water

A massive benefit of using water soluble nutrient powders is that they offer huge money savings as they are highly concentrated powders containing no added water, stabilisers or fillers. In contrast, liquid fertilisers include hidden costs for mixing, bottling and packaging, not to mention the cost of shipping water thousands of miles.  Pre-mixed liquid products can also be tainted with stabilizers and dyes and some even contain chemical preservatives to improve shelf life. Soluble powders contain no stabilizers, dyes or chemical preservatives, and they become 100% soluble the moment they are mixed in water.

Always as Fresh as the Day they were Packed

Soluble powders remain biologically active, a benefit when using or storing organic bio-stimulants. Once added to water and placed on a shelf, many organic bio-stimulants start to degrade.
Dry soluble bio-stimulant products are always as fresh as the day they were packaged. Dissolve just the amount that you need in water, and the plants can receive the full power of the bio-stimulant.
It should be remembered, that not all soluble nutrients powders are 100% soluble, and for indoor hydroponic use the cleanest 100% water soluble powder should be used.

RAW=Soluble Powder Range

Easy Grow stock the best and cleanest indoor hydroponic range of water soluble nutrients powders. Comprising of 12 individualised plant elements and bio-stimulant powders, and now including the complete grow and bloom formulations. These powders are 100% water soluble, with no added fillers, stabilisers or water.
The complete grow and bloom formulations  is a tested blend of RAW soluble plant nutrients, essential elements and bio stimulants that has been proven to be an optimal All in One horticultural fertiliser.
The 12 individualised elements allow for custom formulations and using the RAW Recipe’s allow to treat you plants deficiencies and problems with ease.

Stop Buying Water, and buy Concentrated Powdered Nutrients


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