Introducing you to the World of Green Planet Nutrients

We are pleased to introduce you to the world of Green Planet Nutrients, with a complete line of speciality products to suit all your gardening needs, their products are designed to perform with impressive results.

Green Planet Nutrients have over 20 Years Experience in the Hydroponic Industry

With over 20 years experience in the hydroponics Industry, Green Planet Nutrients have refined the standard that ensures superior quality control.
Starting with the highest quality water sourced in British Columbia, carbon filtration, UV sterilisation and multi stage reverse osmosis is incorporated, even before adding the highest quality RAW materials.
This process guarantees they are formulating the highest quality nutrients on the market today.

Green Planet Nutrients Videos Available on Each Product

With a detailed video overview of each product available from our website follow the link to the Green Planet Nutrients Product Range and select the required product.

QR codes are also available to scan on product items in store which will link you to the YouTube video.
These videos include useful product information, tips and suggestions on how to best use the products and instructions to ensure growers are getting the maximum yields with the minimum effort.

Feed Charts and Nutrient Calculators Available from Sidebar

Access to the Green Planet Nutrients feed charts are available on the sidebar of the Green Planet section of our website, as well as the Nutrients calculator, product brochures and MSDS sheets.

Quality and Efficiency

Everything Green Planet Nutrients do is for quality and efficiency, simplify growing and optimise yield.

Helping you Grow a Garden that Exceeds Your Expectations


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