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What is Mycorrhizae?

mycorrhizaeThe term mycorrhizae describes the mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship between specialized soil fungi and the roots of most plants on the Earth. Myco = fungus, rhizo = root. These fungi have been associated with plant roots for 460 million years, ever since plants began to grow in soil. Still further, other soil microbes become associated with the mycorrhizal fungi in the rhizosphere soil (soil associated with and influenced by root exudates). Then, rhizosphere soil becomes mycorrhizosphere soil: soil influenced by both fungus and the root. The mycorrhizal fungi become the interface between the soil and plant roots: the fungi colonize the roots internally, and the soil externally. Internally, the fungus becomes the interface where nutrient exchanges occur between the fungus and plant by direct contact of the fungus with the root cells: carbon energy from the plant to the fungus, and soil nutrients from the fungus to the host plant. In addition, a plant with mycorrhiza is physiologically altered due to biochemical changes that occur in the plant.  Our mycorrhizal products reflect that holistic association. The benefits of that team of microbes, orchestrated by the mycorrhizal fungi, can be many, especially for plants under stress.



Since the first discovery of mycorrhizae, there have been many species and strains of mycorrhizal fungi discovered — each with its own unique characteristics, but all with the capacity to benefit plant growth and health by various means. Mycorrhizae have been shown to aid plants in the acquisition of water and nutrients, and to enable them to better tolerate such things as soil toxicity, drought, and other environmental stresses.  In the soil around plant roots, they develop associations with other beneficial microbes.  In agricultural systems where intense cultivation has degraded the soils over time, the mycorrhizal associations have become reduced and in many cases are not effective.  Growers have been forced to compensate for their lack with applications of fertilizers and pesticides.  For growers of crops in soilless media, mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial microbes are simply not present and therefore cannot provide benefit to plants.

Myco-Fusion from Santiam Organics

The Myco-Fusion product line represents the culmination of over 17 years of product research and development with a focus on indoor gardening needs. Myco-Fusion products contain high population counts of mycorrhizal fungi, but additionally, they possess a host of other organisms that aid in plant growth and health. The Myco-Fusion line consists of all three types of mycorrhizae. 

Myco Fusion Hydro Green 110

HYDRO-GREEN 110 is the suspendable version of GREEN 150. Taking great care in the micronizing of our product is key to providing a highly effective product that can be applied in a variety of ways. HYDRO-GREEN 110 is the gardeners best friend. Packing 110 propagules per gram of the most highly effective mycorrhizal spores that the industry has ever seen is not enough. This product is micronized to the point where is can be the primary component in any suspended liquid.

Myco Fusion Green 150

GREEN 150 is one of the most effective granular endomycorrhizal inoculants on the planet. It is packed with a complex matrix of beneficial organisms that promote amazing plant health and growth. Green 150 was formulated with the indoor gardener in mind. Delivering multiple endomycorrhizal species and a variety of compatible bio-based organisms in one power packed product is the result of over 17 years in the business of commercially producing mycorrhizal fungi.

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